Never Forget: Stop the Next Oil Disaster

Oiled Pelican (Copyright AP / Charlie Riedel)

Thousands of imperiled birds, sea turtles, dolphins and other Gulf wildlife—and 11 people—died as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil explosion.

This year’s Deepwater Horizon oil explosion was the worst offshore oil disaster in U.S. history. It killed 11 people, at least 6,000 birds, 600 threatened or endangered sea turtles and countless other species. It has decimated the local fishing industry. And its impacts will be felt for decades on beaches, national wildlife refuges and other sensitive ecosystems in states around the Gulf.

Time is running out for Congress to act. Urge your representative and senators to pass the Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Accountability Act before Congress adjourns for the year.

Big Oil clearly wants to delay action on this vital issue until the next Congress. They are counting on more pro-oil, anti-wildlife members to derail real reform and are counting on America forgetting the terrible tragedy that still afflicts the Gulf, its economy and its wildlife.

Despite the catastrophic impacts of this disaster, Congress has so far failed to act to prevent the next awful oil disaster.

Take action now, while there’s still time!

It is high time for Congress to pass the Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Accountability Act, legislation that would:

  • Ensure a major restoration effort and funding for Gulf Coast communities and ecosystems
  • Protect oil rig workers with stronger safety standards
  • Stop the rubber-stamping of industry plans
  • Require greatly improved oil spill response capacity
  • Eliminate liability caps for oil spill damages, so taxpayers aren’t stuck with the bill for disasters like the Deepwater Horizon oil explosion.

With Congress set to adjourn for the year in just a few weeks, time is running out to pass legislation to protect our sea turtles, birds and other wildlife from the next offshore oil tragedy. Please take action now. Write your representative and senators today.