Election Day reminder: Prop. 23 bad for California, bad for country

No on Prop 23As people across the country flock to the polls for Election Day 2010, Defenders would like to remind California voters of the high stakes at the voting booth.

Prop. 23, a California ballot measure whose passage the Washington Post says “would be disastrous,” threatens to undermine one of the most important energy, economic and environmental laws passed in the last decade – AB 32, which sets up a system to drive down emissions and accelerate the demand and development of clean energy technologies.

It isn’t just the Golden State who stands to lose by this vote. According to the Post, “If one of America’s most environmentally conscious states repudiates its greenhouse gas law, others’ enthusiasm to move in the absence of a federal program will deflate, and the country may lose its chance to examine a large-scale, market-based, domestic carbon-reduction program at work.”

We can’t afford to delay action on climate change. So Californians, get out there and set an example for your fellow Americans. Don’t let big corporate polluters push you around – vote “No” on Prop. 23. Our clean energy future starts TODAY.