Love for wolves… and Alex Meraz

**UPDATE: Lauren and her followers at helped raised $40 (a total of $80 thanks to Paypal doubling contributions) to support Defenders’ wolf conservation efforts. Thanks again!

Lauren Mowrey loves Alex Meraz. is selling raffle tickets for two photos of Twilight star Alex Meraz, with proceeds benefiting Defenders.

She loves him so much that she and her friends started the website to show their appreciation for the Twilight actor and to bring attention to the causes that he supports.

Alex plays the character Paul, a wolf in the Twilight movie series. Today he uses his lupine qualities and newfound stardom to help save America’s wolves. He even appeared in a public service announcement for Defenders several months ago to bring greater awareness to the plight of wolves across the country, especially in the West where the animals are still persecuted.

Wildlife champion and website founder Lauren Mowrey raises awareness for wolves.

Lauren, already a huge fan of Twilight and Alex in particular, was excited to see him stand up for wolves. Now she’s using her own fan website to raise money to support Defenders and ensure a future for wolves.

“Before we were here, the earth was run by animals,” she says. “I don’t think they get the fair treatment they deserve.”

Lauren started the site more than six months ago, after reading all the Twilight books and seeing both movies. But her love for wildlife predates even her love of Alex.

Lauren is giving a portion of merchandise sales to Defenders for wolf conservation.

“I’ve always been extremely mystified by animals,” says Lauren, who grew up in New Jersey where there wasn’t much wildlife to speak of. With her WeLoveAlexMeraz website, she now sees an opportunity to make her mark. “I just really wanted to make a difference.”

Mowrey now lives in Virginia with her husband and two sons, age 14 and 11. She’s studying to be a medical assistant and says her sons consider her Twilight obsession a “girly thing.” But she’s not deterred. She admires the fact that Alex is using his celebrity status to promote noble causes.

In addition to interviewing Alex months ago, Lauren got him to donate two autographed photos of himself that she’s raffling off with all proceeds going to Defenders. The raffle winners will be announced on November 15th, but she will continue to sell Alex Meraz merchandise on her website, including mugs, magnets, mouse pads and t-shirts—with $2-3 from each sale going to Defenders.

Thanks Lauren for sharing the love!

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