“A bundle of lynx kittens…”

In September, we posted an article about recent wins for lynx in the Northern Rockies, including the news that a lynx reintroduction program in Colorado had been deemed a success by state wildlife officials.

This post on the Summit County Citizens Voice blog provides more details about the program and includes several excellent photos—including one of “a bundle of lynx kittens.” Lynx lovers should definitely check it out!

“Protecting and enhancing Colorado’s wildlife heritage takes hard work and dedication,” said Gov. Bill Ritter. “I commend the Division of Wildlife for this accomplishment. It’s an example of what we can do when we have a vision and the will to see it through.”

Learn more about this fascinating feline on our lynx fact sheet.

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3 Responses to ““A bundle of lynx kittens…””

  1. patti pasda

    I really enjoy these posts and the continual learning and sharing in the conservation of wolves and other species, thank you for letting us all work together

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