Remembering what we saw

Yesterday, the Huffington Post featured a great blog by Rick Cleveland, Emmy-winning television writer, playwright and monologuist. In the piece, titled The Sound and the Fury of Tiny Flippers, Cleveland described his horror at the Gulf oil disaster, and relentless need to help clean up the mess. His determination took him from spectator, to funding relief efforts to providing on-the-ground assistance with turtle nest relocation.

A few nights later found Cleveland at the Emmy’s, where George Clooney mentioned the need to keep disasters like Katrina, Haiti, Pakistan, and the BP Oil Spill in the media and at the forefront of public consciousness.

Agreeing, Cleveland wrote, “As we move past the acute phase of the Gulf Disaster, and more and more people start swallowing more and more of BP’s public relations campaign/legal defense preview, we need to remind ourselves that the worst effects of the Exxon Valdez Spill were the long term effects – effects on both human and wildlife populations that are still being felt deeply to this day. According to government estimates the Deep Water Oil Spill is easily more than twice the size of the Exxon Valdez Spill.”

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