Painting for polar bears

EFA and Defenders saving polar bears

EFA portrays polar bears through a wide variety of art

..and designing jewelry,  purses and much more!

September is almost over, which means NOW is the time to visit Team EFA (Etsy for Animals), also known as Artists Helping Animals. They’re supporting Defenders of Wildlife this month through their charity of the month program & petition signing.

These EFA artists are shining a spotlight on the plight of the polar bear, an animal living at  ground zero for global warming and increasingly feeling the threat of oil and gas development in their Alaskan habitat. This month, many of the creators of the handcrafted items featured on the EFA site have chosen to donate a portion of their proceeds to helping Defenders protect these iconic creatures of the Arctic.

EFA is an offshoot of the larger indy crafts site,, which started in 2005. Etsy now boasts buyers and sellers in more than 150 countries, creating a virtual global community for handmade goods.

Thank you to Etsy for Animals for working with Defenders this month and all the artists working to protect polar bears!