Must-see environmental film: “The Fence”

A new documentary now airing on HBO is aiming the spotlight on the harmful impacts of the border wall, some 670 miles of hodgepodge fencing and vehicle barriers that divide the United States from Mexico.

The Fence, directed by Rory Kennedy (the 11th child of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy), offers a sharp criticism of U.S. immigration policy and the controversial $3 billion structure, which has inflicted untold damage to the environment, wildlife migration and local communities, while doing little to stem immigration.

Don’t have HBO? Check out this short slide show by our friends at the International League of Conservation Photographers, which paints a sober picture of the lands, wildlife, cultures and people affected by the wall.

For show times and an interview with director Rory Kennedy, visit The Fence’s official website:

Learn more about Defenders’ work to protect fragile borderlands and wildlife.